Jessa-Loop Designs

5 Wareham Street unit B

Middleborough, Ma 02346


About Us

Jessa-Loop Designs is located in Middleboro, Massachusetts and started as just an idea back in 2012. With a passion for creating various crafts, Deb tossed around numerous ideas as to what she wanted to do with this business. A previous owner of a florist shop on Cape Cod early in her life, she knew she wanted to own a business again, but not a florist shop. However, she did want to incorporate floral design into part of her new business adventure because she loved doing flower arrangements. Deb has always loved decorating her home with country style signs with inspirational and humorous sayings on them. In 2014 she made a Welcome to Our Firepit sign for her home and posted it on Facebook. There was a huge response from friends wanting a sign just like it. Deb found her passion and began to make her idea come to life.

Deb now knew what type of product she was going to sell, but what to call her new found business? She wanted to create a business with a lasting name that she could possibly turn over to her daughters Jessica and Olivia. Then the lightbulb in her head turned on. Thinking back to the nicknames that she had for her two daughters Jessa and Livie "Loopster", Deb came up with the perfect name...
and Jessa-Loop Designs was born.

Meet the Staff

Deb Doyle - Owner/Master Crafter

Deb Doyle owner of Jessa-Loop Designs

Deb is the owner and Master Crafter behind Jessa-Loop Designs. She graduated from Norfolk Agricultural High School with a concentration in Floral Design. She has the blood of an entrepreneur and has over 14 years experience in direct sales and marketing. She has a passion for producing quality work, if she wouldn't buy it, she wouldn't sell it to someone else. Deb has a very country style to her work and has received countless compliments on her work at the local craft fairs she has been part of. Deb says, "It is very rewarding when someone purchases something you worked hard to create. You feel like you have brought that person joy, which in turn, makes me feel happy."

Dave Doyle - Web Designer/Assistant Crafter

Dave Doyle web designer

Dave is the mastermind behind His passion has been in web design for 14 years but he was only recently able to make his dream become more of a reality. He has been studying web design for two years using online tutorials and books. He helps Deb in whatever area she needs it whether it is cutting marshmallows for firepit signs, loading up the car for a craft fair, and even helping to work the table at the craft fairs. Dave simply says,"I want to be supportive of my wife in whatever she does. She is an amazing woman and is successful at anything she touches."